Case Studies

NLP in Business – Success Case Studies

NLP in Business enhances Communication, Rapport Building, Negotiation, Influence, Goal Setting, Achieving Targets and Business Performance.

Many organisations around the world are using the technology of NLP to assist them to achieve their corporate objectives.

Those projects range from:

  • Coaching Sales Executives & Managers for improved performance.
  • Superior Communication to enhance customer experience.
  • Building Sales effectiveness and result in oriented teams.
  • Developing Leadership Skills and Problem Solving Abilities.
NLP is useful in any situation in which two or more people must communicate to produce results.

NLP has delivered excellent results for thousands of companies. Here are some examples of projects: 

Dinners Club

Diners Club trained every manager and contact centre agent in the customer service area in NLP skills. Training was on effective customer relationship and internal communication. As a result, net production increased by 254% in customer spending and a 67% reduction in customer loss. Therefore, the Contact Centre, previously a cost centre, was upgraded to a revenue-producing unit.


We at NLP consulted for BMW in the UK to grow their sales. We modelled the language patterns of the top 1% in sales. After determining the successful behaviours of top salespeople, everyone learned NLP skills.  Firstly, the team’s satisfaction improved and people were able to resolve their territory conflicts. Secondly, the customer satisfaction index went from 72% to 96%.  More importantly, the sales team met their annual targets in 8 months. Also, a newly-introduced model greatly exceeded projections.

American Express

American Express trained twenty-four line managers from all over Asia to become master NLP trainers and coaches. With no previous experience, after the training, these employees became the heart of “American Express Leadership,”. Eighteen of these managers grew to top positions in American Express. The initiative to encourage every employee to play a role for quality in customer service. After that, NLP programs have become a regular part of the onboarding program at American Express.


Fiat modelled the leadership skills of their most exceptional formal and informal leaders. Subsequent management training focused on the skills uncovered in the modelling process.

Individual Cases

An individual employee with NLP skills feels empowered in the performance of his/her duties in many ways. The ability to read and comprehend others’ mental maps is the basis of effective interaction. NLP has been used to assist business professionals in the following ways, among others:

NLP in Staff Development

A manager tailors her approach to staff development and motivation to match the thinking patterns of a team member. For example, during a performance review, she identifies the employee’s motivation strategy and incorporates into his development plan. In another instance, she used NLP technique to resolve differences between three employees working on the same project.

NLP in Project Management

A Project Manager presents a proposal to a client for a planning meeting. He begins by gaining rapport and accord in the group. He then incorporates highly valued criteria representing each faction in the team into the design and expression of his idea. The NLP approach made the idea more accessible to each participant in the meeting, and therefore more persuasive.

NLP in Sales

A saleswoman uses precision questioning to understand how her customer has been using the product she represents. She teaches the customer how to make the product work more effectively and go farther. In the process of gathering information, she uncovers another area in which her products may be able to help the customer.

NLP in Contact Centre

A customer service representative handles a call from an irate customer. She establishes rapport with the customer, gently leads him into a calmer state of mind, pinpoints the problem, and solves it. After the grateful customer hangs up, she takes a moment or two to shift herself into a more resourceful state of mind.

NLP in Diversity and Inclusion

An internal consultant is part of an international project. He notices cross-cultural communication problems developing between project team members. Reading their non-verbal cues, he “translates” each group’s intentions to the other group and prevents delays in the project due to misunderstandings.

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